Your Conference Survival Kit

Your Conference Survival KitDo you attend conferences and events as part of the job? I went to the Digital Summit in Scottsdale, AZ for the second year in a row. It’s a great event for digital marketers or any type of marketer.

I went for a day and drove to the event. Some of the people I met flew in from other states and had much longer travel time than I did.

One thing is for sure, I rarely head out to an event without these items.


1) Snacks
I completely missed the continental breakfast since I was stuck in traffic. A stash of trail mix, a granola bar and piece of fruit will help you make it through to lunch. It did for me, especially since I made it to the first session with minutes to spare.

2) Water
Just in case the conference organizers run out or you have no time between sessions, always keep a bottled water handy. Staying hydrated will keep you alert and reduce headaches as the long day carries on.

3) Portable charger
I forgot mine this time around and my phone just about died half way through the day. I love these easy, on the go chargers. They will save you when you are stuck with limited access to electricity.

4) Fresh breath pack
Do us all a favor and keep a supply of travel floss, toothpaste and brush handy. Gum will help as long as the chewing is low-key. Nothing worse than chatting with someone who has bad breath or spinach in those teeth following lunch. And you don’t want to be that person either!

5) Comfy clothes
Confession. I love people watching at these events. It’s true. I’m amazed by the stiletto heals and short skirts people wear. No judgement, but I know that can’t be comfortable. You can be stylish and business casual at the same time. Besides, the short skirt with over the top heel outfits may be saying something more than business.

So many items can be included to your kit like extra pens, business cards, small notebook, phone or laptop, and the list goes on.

A smile and a good attitude are two things that you never want to leave home without!

What do you keep in your survival kit?

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