The Content Commoditization – Pt I

The Content Commoditization - Pt I

If I wrote this a few years ago, the title would’ve been The Content Evolution.

I’ve been around a while and remember when differentiating your product meant something more than throwing a blog and social media pages up in an attempt to connect with your next customer.

I worked in financial services about a decade after the dot com bust and before the housing market meltdown. The firm had a unique value proposition: tactical money management was a better approach to investing than a buy and hold strategy. It was unique at the time because investors lost so much when they tried to hold on during the dot com bust. The firm actually made their clients’ money during that time. Why was that important?

I recall the CIO chanting that he didn’t want to see the commoditization of active money management. We were unique and different. And the commoditization he referred to was everyone touting they too were active money managers and which would eventually dilute the uniqueness of the niche.

I see content marketing being diluted in many ways. It’s been the buzz for years now and everyone is attempting to do it. Imagine for a moment the companies you “follow” because you find value in the content, messaging and information they share. Now think of the ones that just throw crap out there. No rhyme. No reason. No focus, just content for the sake of having a blog with content. What does that mean? They have no strategy.

Building a blog and setting up social media pages are easy things to do. Filling it with purposeful content that will engage a person and earn their loyalty takes time, focus and dedication. None of those can be accomplished without strategy.

The Internet is filled with over a billion websites… a billion! That breaks down to a lot of pages. Don’t become a content commodity. Content marketing begins with the evolution of your content strategy. Without a strategy and dedicated focus, you’re just another blog among all of the others.

How does your company manage content marketing? 

Curious about what comes next? In The Content Commoditization – Part 2, I share 5 Elements for Building Your Content Marketing Strategy.


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