5 Ways to Live Your Dreams without the Fluff

Live-Your-DreamsAre you a dreamer, but already grown up? I remember being a kid and dreaming about becoming a championship horseback rider. I also wanted to ride skateboards for a living. I could do a mean 180 back in the day. I was a fearless dreamer.

I also became one of those young adults who didn’t know what I wanted to do. I went to college and obtained my communication degree. Yes, that’s communication not communications. There’s a difference. And then I fell into marketing and stuck around ever since.

I’m a grown up. I have my hubs, our kids and the career, not to mention the dogs, the obligations and the to-do lists. I still like to dream though and ask myself what’s next.

If you’re always looking down the road at the next big dream you want to accomplish, Patti Johnson’s 5 Ways to Live Your Dreams (When You’re Already Officially a Grown-Up) is a great start. My favorite is #5. Dream Big. Start small and start now.

What’s the next dream you want to go for?


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