Break The Parenting Mold

Break the Parenting Mold ContributorManaging a blog and being active on social media connects you with amazing people. When I managed my old site, Be Positive Mom, I met many working moms online. We collaborated, supported and cheered one another on as our career worlds unfolded as we grew our families.

Since our daughter’s diagnosis of intellectual disability, I’ve met more amazing people online. The beauty of our internet world is you can find support systems from states away and countries away. People out there are experiencing life’s challenges similar to you. They can help just by sending a virtual hug or some laughter.

Break the Parenting Mold is a site that does just that for parents with special needs kids. They support moms and dads who are experiencing what it’s like to be a special needs parent. Kristi and Jen are the two founding mamas who created the site for other parents to share their triumphs and challenges along with practical information and some humor.

I’m honored and excited they’ve added me to their group of featured contributors with my story What Intellectual Disability Means to Me.

Visit Break The Parenting Mold to learn more about all of the special needs parents who are supporting one another and read the many stories about our amazing kids.

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