How Do You Define Success?

It’s the million-dollar question that you have to look from within to define. Success is subjective. It’s an intangible that to some are only defined by the tangible. To others, it comes from a feeling of accomplishment.

However you define it, Success Magazine is a good place to find the cornerstones of self-fulfillment that defines how we view success. I started reading Success Magazine a few years ago and have found their podcasts really insightful.

I’ve always had a fascination with people who have achieved greatness in their careers and lives. I’m not so much interested in the money or fame part though. What’s always interesting to me is the path taken to get there.

Tony Robbins is on the Spring 2019 cover and the issue includes the story about his success and daily motivation. What caught my interest in this issue though was the story from Josh Ellis, the editor-in-chief of Success. He shares his journey about being unfulfilled at work, even when he was in a dream position. He eventually landed the position at the magazine and devoted each day to learning about achievement and personal development. He eventually discovered how to take ownership of his life.

For some, it takes a lifetime to learn that wealth, luxury cars, and beautiful homes may appear to be a sign of success, yet fulfillment and happiness cannot be purchased.

Building your definition of success is a personal journey. And the folks at Success suggest these four cornerstones of self-fulfillment will help guide you.

1) Happiness – Find what makes you happy, smile, and feel well. See the good in things and be grateful. It’s a subjective pursuit where only you can find what works for you.

2) Health – Eat better. Exercise more. Get more sleep. Small consistent practices become big wins over time.

3) Growth – We can all be complacent, but don’t waste your days away. Learn something new. Work toward a goal or continue with your career development. Each day is an opportunity to grow.

4) Purpose – What is your why? We all have something that keeps us going. Think about your why. Your why will keep you motivated when the setbacks come.

Success is a journey. For me, the recipe for success comes when your vision, positive attitude, and willingness to do the hard work come together. The best accomplishments begin with why and are achieved when you’re ready to grow, even when you fail.

Success is not about the wealth we have in a bank account or the kind of car we drive. Success is the wealth of knowledge, happiness, and accomplishment we feel on the inside. And with that, each of us has the power to define our own success.

How do you define success?

Want to read more about success? Check out the article that inspired this blog post, The Definition of Success.

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