Why We Love Special Olympics

It wasn’t so long ago I found a Special Olympics Arizona notice in my daughter’s backpack. I was so grateful her school offered participation in the events.

Special Olympics is a wonderful organization that supports children and adults with intellectual disabilities through sports. The organization also improves the health of others through collaborations with health providers and community organizations. The health of the athletes is so very important. These competitions help them get physical fitness, build confidence, and experience happiness.

My daughter’s first competition was bowling. She was so excited. The kids took a field trip to the local bowling alley and she won a medal that day. The next competition was track and field.

Our whole family went to the track and field event. It was held at a local high school and I was surprised at how many kids and families attended. Our daughter won first place that night with her softball throw. She was so excited and very proud of herself. She was also excited about the second-place medal she took home for the 50-meter dash.

These events are also a great social opportunity for parents. We gather and chat. We cheer and laugh. It’s a great time to learn from others and exchange ideas for managing life in the special needs world.

Special Olympics helps:

  • Empower our kids
  • Build confidence
  • Transform lives
  • Support kids to achieve more
  • Create community among parents and caregivers
  • Bring families closer together
  • Promote health and wellness
  • Provide volunteer opportunities
  • Develop awareness and understanding

Have you been to a Special Olympics competition? You can find a program in your local community.

You’ll see the awesomeness from each of these kids and young adults. They’ll inspire you and you’ll find yourself cheering for everyone.

The power of sport and the inclusion of athletes with all abilities creates unity, understanding, and awareness. I hope you attend a competition one day and you’ll be amazed just as we were the first time we went to Special Olympics Arizona.

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