A Look Back: Top Ten Reflection and Gratitude Blogs

It’s that time of year when everyone is rushing through the season. We survived Thanksgiving and now the crazed Christmas rush is well underway. It’s also the last month of the year and the last days of the decade. 2020 will be the start to new beginnings and the passing of old experiences. How will you reflect on 2019?

The last two months I’ve tried to slow my roll in every aspect of my life. I was stressed almost the first half of the year as I worked to obtain my Project Management Professional (PMP) certification and that led to some health issues. I reached the goal and then fell apart. I’m proud I made it through and also puzzled as to why I made it so hard on myself.

As we look into the New Year, I thought I’d share some of the blogs I wrote this year and from many years ago that are good reminders to slow down, just be and enjoy the moments that pass us by so quickly.

10) What Intellectual Disability Means to Me
Life doesn’t always go as planned. It can feel especially chaotic when you’re a special needs parent trying to get a diagnosis. This blog describes our special needs journey to that diagnosis and the turning point for our family.

9) 5 Ways to Thrive as a Breadwinning Mom
Written a few years ago, this blog is a good reminder that it’s your family, your life and your choices. What works for one family may not work for yours and it’s important to remember that you’re doing an awesome job.

8) Defining Your Success
How do you define success? It’s a word that means different things to each person. Whether you’re looking for the big title and corner office or more family time, you can set your goals for how you want to define success for your life.

7) 5 Ways to Get Stress Relief
We all get stressed and feel stress every day. There’s some simple practices we can use to reduce the stress in our daily lives. I sure could have used that earlier this year! Practice each one every day and it will become part of the routine.

6) Book Review: Glad No Matter What
In the darkest and most chaotic of times we can find gladness and opportunity. When my sister passed away in 2007, I went into a very dark place and was lost for many years. Everything looked fine on the surface, but it wasn’t. Glad No Matter What is a book that helped me see the goodness even when it felt like despair. A great read for anyone who is struggling with loss and grief.

5) Benefits of Practicing Daily Gratitude
Practicing daily gratitude can have many health and emotion benefits. It doesn’t have to be a long process each day to think about something you’re grateful for. I challenged myself in 2018 and then in 2019 to jot down a gratitude note every day. It’s a beneficial way to stay grateful and manage the rougher days that will inevitably come your way.

4) Tips for Going Back to School
Are you setting goals for next year? If one of them is to go back to school, you’ll want to check out my tips for heading back to the classroom, even if it’s a virtual one.

3) A Mom’s Journey into Inclusive Play, Advocacy and Partnership
One of the most important things we can do for our kids is be their advocate. What started out as a long shot turned into a beautiful, inclusive playground for our community. Volunteering and advocating for the playground project was very fulfilling and scary. I kept a journal of my experience and shared it in this blog. Dream it. Do it!

2) The Interviews: What it Feels Like to be a Special Needs Mom
Kristi from Finding Ninee is an amazing person who paints the reality of what it feels like to be a special needs mom. Her interview is very real and includes a video of her story about the feeling when you realize your life is changed forever. One of my favorite interviews.

1) What’s the Story Behind Be Positive Mom?
We all have a story. The story of this blog began after my sister passed away from ovarian cancer in 2007. Writing was my outlet for my grief. While this blog is not called Be Positive Mom anymore, it was my beginning to heal, to connect with the world again and to grow into the working mom I am today. This is my story I love to share with you.

I hope you find these blogs a helpful reminder to just be and enjoy the moments that past by so quickly. As this year fades into the next, I can’t help but think of how lucky we are to be alive and thrive in whatever we choose to do. Here’s to you! Thank you for being here. I’m grateful for you.

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