Finding Purpose In Everything We Do

Have you ever set out to accomplish something only to fall short of the original goal? You planned. You organized. You tried, but it just didn’t come together. That’s happened to me and when I went back to evaluate what failed, I realized my quest lacked purpose.

The purpose is the ‘Why?’ behind what you’re doing. It gives everything meaning and makes a task or goal something that is bigger than ourselves. The purpose is the most important ingredient when it comes to developing your goals. Without it, you’ll lack clarity, focus and passion for what you’re doing. So how do you define purpose?

It’s important to start with the why whether you’re working on a project at the office or one in your personal life. Project teams that lack purpose-driven initiatives may find themselves unmotivated and without direction. Knowing the purpose of a project and how it directly impacts the bottom line can significantly increase project team alignment on priorities and team collaboration.

Purpose is a driver of your personal pursuits as well. And often personal goals are accomplished solo so starting with the why can become the make-it-or-break-it factor in accomplishing your goals.

Defining purpose creates motivation, energy, and a positive dose of optimism with anything you will do. Below are 3 simple ways to get started whether it’s a professional project or a personal goal.

1) Start with WHY. What is the reason you want to accomplish this goal?
It seems simple enough. Ask yourself WHY this is important and what is the greater purpose for it being accomplished. That will be your starting point and your reset point when things get challenging.

2) Write It Down
You can hang your WHY where you can visually see it, and keep it in a notebook or in a laptop note. It will serve as a constant reminder of the reason you started working on the goal. If it’s a project at work, it can help motivate you since you are part of a project team that is depending on you.

3) Talk With Others
You know your tribe and the trusted people you have in your life. For personal goals, I share with people who will give me straight talk and also be supportive. Surround yourself with positive influencers because those are the best people to help you keep going. For projects at the office, turn to your project team or co-worker tribe to stay motivated and focused. Knowing and believing in the purpose will give you clarity. The best ideas come from open communication and collaboration.

The first step is to just get started and then your ideas will flow. How do you define purpose?

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