Book Review: Resilience

Written by Linda Graham, Resilience includes guided exercises designed as resilience brain training. You will not only feel empowered after reading this book, but you will also have the tools to continue to help you master life’s ups and downs.

Resilience is a learned ability to cope with any level of adversity. We all have challenges each and every day. Challenges can range from receiving negative feedback from your manager to losing a loved one unexpectedly.

Life is uncertain and that can be scary. How we cope with the failures, the loss and the negative has a direct impact on how we thrive in life. Resilience is a tool you need in the toolkit to recover and grow from change. It’s a skill that can build over time to help you effectively cope, even when giving up feels like the easy thing to do.

About the Book

I read the book cover to cover over a period of time. I went back to it recently and skipped around to the chapters that pulled my interest to learn more. It’s set up as a training guide and each chapter includes background information along with practical exercises you can start using immediately.

It offers guidance in the areas of somatic, emotional, relational, and reflective intelligence. These are all areas where the more you build the skills to cope, the more you will have the ability to handle what life throws at you. The practices include these areas:

  • Somatic Intelligence: Breath, Touch, Movement, Visualization, Social Engagement
  • Emotional Intelligence: Self-Compassion, Mindful Empathy, Positivity, Theory of Mind
  • Relational Intelligence within Yourself: Self-Awareness, Self-Acceptance, Inner Secure Base
  • Relational Intelligence with Others: Trust, Shared Humanity, Interdependence, Refugees, Resources
  • Reflective Intelligence: Mindfulness, Seeing Clearly, Choosing Wisely, Equanimity
  • Full-On Resilience: Coping with Anything, Anything at All
  • Caring for and Nourishing Your Amazing Brain: Lifestyle Choices that Support Resilience

The chapters are set up in a sequence designed to build on one another. That is what I enjoyed about it when I completed it the first time. It’s a process, just like learning and growing are for anything. I noticed a quote at the beginning of the book that really sums up how we can face life when we have the right tools to thrive no matter what we encounter.

I am no longer afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship.
– Louisa May Alcott, Little Women

Now it’s your turn. Are you ready to begin?

This book review includes the thoughts and opinions of the blog owner. No compensation was exchanged for this review.

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