Why You Should Attend a Special Kids’ Rodeo

The Special Kids’ Rodeo was new to me several years ago after we moved to a small town that had equestrian roots. That was very exciting for me because I grew up riding horses and always wanted to get back to it. I just love being around horses.

I was searching for horseback riding lessons and found special needs horseback riding classes first. My aspirations for riding were put on hold so I could take my daughter to her class once a week. I didn’t mind because being at a barn, petting horses, and chatting with other parents was a great experience for me while my daughter got to ride. I was able to get her set up with hippotherapy which is an amazing therapy for children with special needs. Working with horses has so many benefits.

I was searching for activities to do and found a rodeo was coming to town and it included a Special Kids’ Rodeo as part of the weekend event. They called it the “Day of Yes’s” for the kids.

Activities included:

  • Barrel Racing
  • Meet the Rodeo Queens
  • Roping Pen
  • Branding (with paint)
  • Cowboy/Cowgirl Theater Show
  • Trick Riding Show
  • Petting Zoo
High Fives with the Rodeo Clown

We have attended each year since we relocated to town, except for the Covid years when it was canceled. The best part of the rodeo was my daughter and her friends were able to enjoy the rodeo together. I don’t think they realized it but the friends help encouraged one another to try new things. Petting animals, running barrels, and being among so many people can be scary. They handled it all pretty well together and they had a lot of fun.

My daughter didn’t have any meltdowns, she enjoyed it for over two hours and joined us at the larger rodeo later that night. I loved hanging out and chatting with the moms and kids. It was a positive social experience we all need.

Don’t have a Special Kids’ Rodeo in your community? Search for other activities within your community and I’m sure you’ll find fun things to do that friends and family can join together. Invite other parents to come along. Sometimes it’s hard to get out there and ask others to join. Having a child with special needs can feel isolating. This type of event helps us feel part of the community and provides an opportunity to talk with other parents. We can all use support and friendship.

The rodeo’s “Day of Yes’s” was a wonderful time to be part of the community and see the kids have a good time together. I’m excited about this year’s upcoming rodeo and grateful our community offers this event each year.

Showing the Rodeo Queens her LOVE shirt.

Your challenge:

  • Find a special kids’ event in your community.
  • Invite other parents to join you.
  • Enjoy the time with new friends.

You never know how much fun it just might be!

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