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I’m a working mom. Those two words are so cliché these days. We define ourselves by what we do yet there’s so much more. And then you throw in the moms like me who are crazy enough to blog about it.

I’ve been in marketing since 1999. That pretty much makes me a mom and marketer rolled into one. A scary combination used for the good.

Above all else: I’m a mom first. One boy, one girl. My daughter has special needs. 

She’s opened us up to a whole new world filled with amazing people. It’s been a very long journey that has taught me compassion and understanding.

I grew up: in Silicon Valley long before that name became so popular. I played in our great grandparent’s apricot orchards with my sisters when we were kids. That happened to be across the street from what became Apple’s campus in Cupertino, Ca. I watched the whole tech evolution and then left to live in the Valley of the Sun.

I got started: working at a flower shop. I watched a small business thrive and then die in a few years. A valuable experience that set the tone for my career. I still love to create beautiful flower arrangements.

I earned my stripes: working in the marketing department at Extreme Networks in Santa Clara, Ca. I started just after their IPO and before the dot com bust. I was the marketing assistant who supported a VP and five directors. I had a pager and my cell phone was the size of a small box. I thought I hit the big time and had no idea what I was doing!

My co-workers love that I: am super organized. I’m sure it’s completely annoying at the same time.

How I got started blogging is: a long story you can read here.

Where am I going to be in five years: is a answer I’ll never get right, but I can tell you the three goals I’m working on this year.

My energy outside of work is spent on: my kiddos and hubs. Married for 21 years.

I reward myself by: enjoying a cocktail and Mexican food. Sometimes together, sometimes not.

On my perfect day off I would: go horseback riding, blog and read, make pancakes with my kids and enjoy a date night with my hubs.

A game changer for me was: the day my sister told me she had ovarian cancer.

The life changer was: watching her die from it and then learning how to live without her.

My latest obsession: is researching ways I can help my daughter, learning about local special needs support and connecting with other moms who have special needs kids. My focus on supporting my daughter led me on a pretty amazing inclusive playground journey you should check out!

What matters to me: is that I’m always learning and always laughing. Of course, being positive helps!

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