5 Ways to Find Me Time

As working moms our to-do lists never end. Time for our own well-being seems in short supply but we can find ways to help ourselves carve out the moments that will make a difference. When it comes to improving your mental and physical health, the key is to schedule and prioritize. Even that can be a challenge. BelowContinue reading “5 Ways to Find Me Time”

My Corporate Skin

I’ve been in the corporate world for many years. I have worked at a couple of large corporations with very recognizable names and a handful of small firms. The interpersonal interactions in both large and small companies have always been fascinating to me. Now that I have little ones, I can see how easily comparableContinue reading “My Corporate Skin”

What’s The Story Behind Be Positive Mom®?

Be Positive was around long before I started a blog called Be Positive Mom®. It all started around 2005 when my hubs and I (before kids) lived in Arizona. We were there just a short stint because soon after our move, my sister Stacy was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer, Stage 4. The outlook was bleak.Continue reading “What’s The Story Behind Be Positive Mom®?”

The Interviews: Returning to Work after Maternity Leave

Getting back to work following maternity leave can be difficult for any mom. Whether you took 6 weeks off or a full year, the transition is filled with so many choices and emotions. Kristin from Mango Calla Lily is a full-time mum with a beautiful toddler girl. Kristin is in pursuit of another degree, Master ofContinue reading “The Interviews: Returning to Work after Maternity Leave”

You Know You’re A Working Mom When…

You wake up before the crack of dawn to squeeze in the workout, a cup of coffee, breakfast and rush to get ready before the kiddies wake up. You have just a few sets of work clothes in the weekly rotation because trying to be cute or creative just will not happen in the morning. YouContinue reading “You Know You’re A Working Mom When…”