5 Ways to Live Your Dreams without the Fluff

Are you a dreamer, but already grown up? I remember being a kid and dreaming about becoming a championship horseback rider. I also wanted to ride skateboards for a living. I could do a mean 180 back in the day. I was a fearless dreamer. I also became one of those young adults who didn’tContinue reading “5 Ways to Live Your Dreams without the Fluff”

Book Review: #GIRLBOSS

Are you a #GIRLBOSS? Sophia Amoruso sure is and her  New York Times bestseller shares just how she grew her business from its MySpace beginnings to a $250- million fashion retailer success story. I had never heard of Sophia Amoruso or her business Nasty Gal other than seeing her book on the “must-read” lists. We hadContinue reading “Book Review: #GIRLBOSS”

A Week Without Facebook

Facebook. Some people love it and others hate it. As a marketer, I find the amount of information collected about each user fascinating. As a user, it seems really creepy. We still use it though and many are addicted to it. Viewing Facebook is such a habit that many don’t realize how often they do it. The constantContinue reading “A Week Without Facebook”

5 Reasons to Love NESCAFE Dolce Gusto

OK, ok. My blog strategy never included product reviews. I did the review thing with my old blog and decided when I took this one live, it was time to hang up the product review page. Then NESCAFE Dolce Gusto came along. It was a regular day of tweeting when I tweeted about the kids heading back toContinue reading “5 Reasons to Love NESCAFE Dolce Gusto”

The Interviews: Working Mom and Grad School

Meet Diana, author of LadydeeLG. Diana lives in New York, is a full-time working mom and just completed grad school.  Whoa. A lot to handle for anyone.  Diana shared with us how she survived grad school with her husband’s help and still managed to keep sane with some me time. Tell us about LadydeeLG. LadydeeLGContinue reading “The Interviews: Working Mom and Grad School”