Family Talk: What’s appropriate at the office?

We spend so much time in the office that it’s easy to develop friendships with your co-workers. A solid relationship with a fellow employee makes collaborating on projects even more enjoyable. Gossip, chat and a good vent about work or home comes with the territory. When you are talking about your family at work, how do you know if you are sharingContinue reading “Family Talk: What’s appropriate at the office?”

Your Sleep Deprivation Toolkit

If you are a mom with babies or children running around, the words “sleep deprivation” resonate with you. We all feel different levels of sleep deprivation depending on our physical and mental state, not to mention where our little ones are in the growth process. Our little guy was a great sleeper. Piece of cake. OurContinue reading “Your Sleep Deprivation Toolkit”

Top Ten Things About The Christmas Season

Whether it’s something I love or something I would love to leave behind, it is the complete package of time with my family, some great laughs and fond Christmas memories that are truly priceless to me. I was asked what my top 5 keepers for the holiday season and the top things I’d like toContinue reading “Top Ten Things About The Christmas Season”

Get Your Holiday Stress In Check

We’re in the swing of the holiday season. Are you feeling the stress as a result of all of your to-do lists? “Get Your Holiday Stress in Check” for the week is brought to you by Nana Poppins! Nana is a grandmother of five and knows a thing or two about pulling it all togetherContinue reading “Get Your Holiday Stress In Check”

Back At Work With A Turkey Hangover

Did you return to work this morning with a turkey hangover? Off to work and back to the grind with a turkey coma still in full force. At least it feels that way considering all of the food I ate over the last several days. Indulgence comes with a price I suppose but I will say it was worthContinue reading “Back At Work With A Turkey Hangover”

5 Ways to Find Me Time

As working moms our to-do lists never end. Time for our own well-being seems in short supply but we can find ways to help ourselves carve out the moments that will make a difference. When it comes to improving your mental and physical health, the key is to schedule and prioritize. Even that can be a challenge. BelowContinue reading “5 Ways to Find Me Time”

What’s The Story Behind Be Positive Mom®?

Be Positive was around long before I started a blog called Be Positive Mom®. It all started around 2005 when my hubs and I (before kids) lived in Arizona. We were there just a short stint because soon after our move, my sister Stacy was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer, Stage 4. The outlook was bleak.Continue reading “What’s The Story Behind Be Positive Mom®?”