Relocating with Kids: 5 Tips for Getting Settled

My 7 Tips for Relocating with Kids included ways to stay sane and organized during a move. The funny thing is I wrote that in the midst of packing, just before our state to state relocation.The insanity set in once we arrived at our new yet temporary digs. It was a pretty crazy. We survived. IContinue reading “Relocating with Kids: 5 Tips for Getting Settled”

Fear, Confidence and Stuff In Between

My hubs and I worked on a relocation plan for over five years. I didn’t post too much about it because I really didn’t know if it would happen. The truth is I was feeling pretty scared about taking the leap. Excited but scared. We had many discussions about the kids, our family goals and theContinue reading “Fear, Confidence and Stuff In Between”

Book Review: Lean In… You won’t fall over

On the heels of the Yahoo! work from the home ban by Marissa Mayer, Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In was met with a hefty amount of backlash. In just under a month, gender roles and flexibility in the workplace came to the forefront. Debates flared and blogger keyboards burned up! My first reaction to the bookContinue reading “Book Review: Lean In… You won’t fall over”

Want to Achieve Your Goal? Get Serious about the Commitment

Commitment is a hard thing to come by these days. We are in a world of impatient people with I want it now expectations. I decided it was time for me to learn how to play the guitar. So I got a wild hair, bought the guitar and posted my declaration to learn how toContinue reading “Want to Achieve Your Goal? Get Serious about the Commitment”

The Land of Play Dates

We have arrived in the new world of play dates. When I was working full-time at an office and the kids were in preschool, play dates included hanging out with friends. Our play dates meant I caught up with old friends while the kiddos hung out. It was an easy choice to leave my kids with myContinue reading “The Land of Play Dates”

It’s a wrap for 2012!

I still can’t believe that 2012 is coming to an end and so quickly! I was looking at past blog posts, my personal Facebook timeline and pics of the kids only to see how much was packed into the year. I started thinking about my gratitude and lessons learned this year as I wind downContinue reading “It’s a wrap for 2012!”