How to Deal with Corporate World Frustration

Corporate. It’s a word that means many things to many people. It’s a part of the American culture. If you’re a working mom in the corporate world, it’s a part of you, too. I’m sure you, like me, may have your buttons pushed every now and then. Over the last two weeks, I’ve had theContinue reading “How to Deal with Corporate World Frustration”

Why Call It Failure Anyway?

So many Americans are unemployed. People are sending out resumes and interviewing with the hope they land the next stop in the career as soon as possible. Being positive during an interview is an important element of the hiring process. Companies typically want and need upbeat, positive people who are willing to work hard. Interviewing isContinue reading “Why Call It Failure Anyway?”

Book Review: Chicken Soup for the Working Mom’s Soul

I remember after graduating college and embarking on my corporate journey, I picked up the 1st edition of Chicken Soup For The Soul. I was going through some major life changes and entering the corporate world was one of them. Coming from the retail industry, corporate was a big shock to my  system. With overContinue reading “Book Review: Chicken Soup for the Working Mom’s Soul”

Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

Remember that adage from childhood? I sure do!  It’s a familiar saying with so much  meaning. About 7 years ago and  2 corporate jobs ago, I was working for a small firm in a tiny marketing department. It was long before I became a working mom. The office was pretty small and we had ourContinue reading “Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover”

Practicing Positive Push-ups

I recently heard someone compare being positive and embracing  a positive energy/attitude  to doing push-ups. To see results, you need to practice and keep practicing continually. The more you practice push-ups, in theory, the stronger you become and you’ll see an increase in your push-up ability as well. Easy enough for the positive stuff, right? WeContinue reading “Practicing Positive Push-ups”

Multi-tasking: A Good Approach or Misconception?

Multi-tasking defined: the concurrent or interleaved execution of two or more jobs by a single CPU. The acronym “CPU” refers to “central processing unit” but I’m sure you knew that! Why do we hear so much about multi-tasking or being a multi-tasker?   We are certainly not CPUs.   In the 1990’s, “human multi-tasking” becameContinue reading “Multi-tasking: A Good Approach or Misconception?”

Kick The Guilt Habit

Most working moms will tell you they have felt guilty at one time or another about managing their home as well as a career. Some moms navigate more demanding jobs while others may have a flexible work environment. Either way, time at work is time away from home. Have you ever found yourself in anContinue reading “Kick The Guilt Habit”