Why Call It Failure Anyway?

So many Americans are unemployed. People are sending out resumes and interviewing with the hope they land the next stop in the career as soon as possible. Being positive during an interview is an important element of the hiring process. Companies typically want and need upbeat, positive people who are willing to work hard. Interviewing isContinue reading “Why Call It Failure Anyway?”

What’s Your Corporate Personality?

I’ve been in the corporate world for many years and have worked at large-sized companies as well as small corporate environments. Over the years, I’ve been fascinated by the many personalities I experienced along the way. A company large or small is filled with a “cast of characters” and each character has his or herContinue reading “What’s Your Corporate Personality?”

Book Review: Chicken Soup for the Working Mom’s Soul

I remember after graduating college and embarking on my corporate journey, I picked up the 1st edition of Chicken Soup For The Soul. I was going through some major life changes and entering the corporate world was one of them. Coming from the retail industry, corporate was a big shock to my  system. With overContinue reading “Book Review: Chicken Soup for the Working Mom’s Soul”

Don’t Miss Tips For New Moms Returning To Work

You’ve been on maternity for 3 months and the dreaded return date is near. How you transition back into work can have so many variables and a huge impact on your outlook as a working mom. I’ve transitioned back to corporate after a 4 month maternity leave for both of my babies. A good friendContinue reading “Don’t Miss Tips For New Moms Returning To Work”

Family Talk: What’s appropriate at the office?

We spend so much time in the office that it’s easy to develop friendships with your co-workers. A solid relationship with a fellow employee makes collaborating on projects even more enjoyable. Gossip, chat and a good vent about work or home comes with the territory. When you are talking about your family at work, how do you know if you are sharingContinue reading “Family Talk: What’s appropriate at the office?”

Where Would You Draw The Line When Seeking Employment?

What will people do to land the next job? We all have our boundaries we draw but we also have our portfolios that can easily diminish following a job loss. Americans are going to extremes to land the next job. Would you have plastic surgery to improve your chances for a job? The question was explored by aContinue reading “Where Would You Draw The Line When Seeking Employment?”