How to Increase Your Income as a Busy Mom

Guest Author: Virginia Cooper Being a stay-at-home mom is an incredible opportunity not to be taken for granted. However, sometimes you need a little extra money in the bank. Whether you’re busy at home or head to an office for work, you’re a mom who puts in a lot of hours. Maybe you’re having trouble makingContinue reading “How to Increase Your Income as a Busy Mom”

The Cost of Fear

Fear is a powerful emotion. It can save us from a life-threatening situation with a fight or flight response. It can also keep us from experiencing valuable growth when we overcome new challenges. Fears we create from within can hold us back from reaching new heights in our careers and personal relationships. They can beContinue reading “The Cost of Fear”

Dream It. Plan It. Do It.

Have you ever been around someone who constantly talks about how busy they are? There’s so much work to be done yet not much ever gets accomplished. The conversations revolve around all the things on the list instead of actually working on them. This thought process becomes a repetitive cycle of perceived busyness versus beingContinue reading “Dream It. Plan It. Do It.”

5 Ways to Live Your Dreams without the Fluff

Are you a dreamer, but already grown up? I remember being a kid and dreaming about becoming a championship horseback rider. I also wanted to ride skateboards for a living. I could do a mean 180 back in the day. I was a fearless dreamer. I also became one of those young adults who didn’tContinue reading “5 Ways to Live Your Dreams without the Fluff”

Book Review: #GIRLBOSS

Are you a #GIRLBOSS? Sophia Amoruso sure is and her  New York Times bestseller shares just how she grew her business from its MySpace beginnings to a $250- million fashion retailer success story. I had never heard of Sophia Amoruso or her business Nasty Gal other than seeing her book on the “must-read” lists. We hadContinue reading “Book Review: #GIRLBOSS”

Book Review: Body of Work

Job longevity is becoming more rare these days. An employee staying at a job over 5 to 10 years is almost shocking. It’s not because people are fickle, but industries cycle and positions are cut. As employees, we often get locked into tunnel thinking. Our job title becomes our identity and we can forget that we do soContinue reading “Book Review: Body of Work”

Fear, Confidence and Stuff In Between

My hubs and I worked on a relocation plan for over five years. I didn’t post too much about it because I really didn’t know if it would happen. The truth is I was feeling pretty scared about taking the leap. Excited but scared. We had many discussions about the kids, our family goals and theContinue reading “Fear, Confidence and Stuff In Between”

The Interviews: Being So Rad!

Meet Jasmine. She is an entrepreneur who started her baby clothing company So Rad in 2009. She offers tips and advice that not only budding entrepreneurs should hear, but also anyone who wants to start something new.  The first step you take can lead you into a life changing journey.  Thanks for joining us Jasmine!Continue reading “The Interviews: Being So Rad!”

Want to Achieve Your Goal? Get Serious about the Commitment

Commitment is a hard thing to come by these days. We are in a world of impatient people with I want it now expectations. I decided it was time for me to learn how to play the guitar. So I got a wild hair, bought the guitar and posted my declaration to learn how toContinue reading “Want to Achieve Your Goal? Get Serious about the Commitment”