5 Ways to Find Me Time

As working moms our to-do lists never end. Time for our own well-being seems in short supply but we can find ways to help ourselves carve out the moments that will make a difference. When it comes to improving your mental and physical health, the key is to schedule and prioritize. Even that can be a challenge. BelowContinue reading “5 Ways to Find Me Time”

My Corporate Skin

I’ve been in the corporate world for many years. I have worked at a couple of large corporations with very recognizable names and a handful of small firms. The interpersonal interactions in both large and small companies have always been fascinating to me. Now that I have little ones, I can see how easily comparableContinue reading “My Corporate Skin”

Why Didn’t Someone Tell Me That?

Things I wish I knew before I became a mom 10. Sleep deprivation will take you to the brink of despair a few times over. 9. The epidural doesn’t always work! 8. Nothing can prepare you for projectile poop. 7. You will always get unsolicited advice about parenthood and being a working mom. 6. If youContinue reading “Why Didn’t Someone Tell Me That?”

Please Don’t Call Me Super Mom

Frazzled mom is more like it! Ever have those mornings when it feels like you have 101 things to do all before 8 AM? I’ve been called Super Mom on a few occasions since having my second little one. While I appreciate that compliment, I more often feel frazzled and disorganized than super. During theContinue reading “Please Don’t Call Me Super Mom”