Setting Boundaries You’ll Keep

I’ve been reading a lot about moms feeling overworked and struggling between career and motherhood and have listened to moms talk about it over the past few weeks. It’s so easy for us to strike up a conversation about work, motherhood and everything else in between. It feels good to know we are not alone with our strugglesContinue reading “Setting Boundaries You’ll Keep”

Would you give your Facebook password to your employer?

I remember in the late 90s employees had it really good. It was at the height of the era and employees enjoyed extravagant perks, large salaries and more. It was an employees’ market. Times have changed and the tables have significantly over the last few years. We’ve experienced recessions before except this one hasContinue reading “Would you give your Facebook password to your employer?”

Learn How To Reduce Stress

We’ve all had stress come and go. For some, it’s there all the time. It’s been a struggle the last few weeks. Between the kids, blog and work, things have been in overdrive busy.I even had a migraine which is unusual for me. It was the first one I’ve had in years. Not fun. It was stressed. WeContinue reading “Learn How To Reduce Stress”

Tips That Help When You Are Sleep Deprived

It’s National Sleep Awareness Week and I’m very aware that I’m not sleeping My little one had a cold and stayed up through the entire night Tuesday. She woke up multiple times during the night every night this week in fact. I went to work feeling like a zombie. After talking with a few moms, IContinue reading “Tips That Help When You Are Sleep Deprived”

Your Self-care Challenge

I have been really stressed, not to mention grumpy. It’s that ebb and flow thing I write about every now and then. It’s not about being  positive, perky and fabulous 24/7. That would be just annoying, wouldn’t it? Taking care of the kiddos, work, home and all that falls in between has created overwhelm andContinue reading “Your Self-care Challenge”

Top 5 Tips For Balancing Work And Home

Balance was far from the way I would have described the craze last week. It was the first week of the quarter at work. We  had many deliverables that came to deadline at the same time. At home, it was even more busy, but I was able to squeeze in an overnight with my hubby and a muchContinue reading “Top 5 Tips For Balancing Work And Home”

The Interviews: Connecting Productivity with Purpose

Grace Marshall is a working mum of two from England and a life coach. She graciously shared her strategies to help us transform how we view the balancing act between career and motherhood. Learn how to be more productive when even when you feel like you’re already running at full speed.   Tell us about Connecting you to your Clarity,Continue reading “The Interviews: Connecting Productivity with Purpose”

Your New Year In The Making – Part II

2012 is fast approaching! I already saw a Valentine’s card display at Target. Really? Already? I still have Christmas decorations up and now it’s Valentine’s day. It struck me how we miss what’s right in front of us when we are speeding off to the next thing. When I left Part I of the Your NewContinue reading “Your New Year In The Making – Part II”