How to Increase Your Income as a Busy Mom

Guest Author: Virginia Cooper Being a stay-at-home mom is an incredible opportunity not to be taken for granted. However, sometimes you need a little extra money in the bank. Whether you’re busy at home or head to an office for work, you’re a mom who puts in a lot of hours. Maybe you’re having trouble makingContinue reading “How to Increase Your Income as a Busy Mom”

What is Social Media Doing to You?

We curate everything in our lives. From who we talk with to what we view on social media platforms, we create the world we want to see around topics that interest us. Social media plays a big role in what we view and listen to each day. It’s evolved over the years and with thoseContinue reading “What is Social Media Doing to You?”

Finding Purpose In Everything We Do

Have you ever set out to accomplish something only to fall short of the original goal? You planned. You organized. You tried, but it just didn’t come together. That’s happened to me and when I went back to evaluate what failed, I realized my quest lacked purpose. The purpose is the ‘Why?’ behind what you’reContinue reading “Finding Purpose In Everything We Do”

Tips for Going Back to School

I’ve been in corporate marketing for many years. I enjoy working for small companies where I feel I can make a difference and collaborate with cross-functional teams. I earned my bachelor’s degree at a time in my life when my complete focus was on school. That wasn’t the case when I decided to study forContinue reading “Tips for Going Back to School”

A Week Without Facebook

Facebook. Some people love it and others hate it. As a marketer, I find the amount of information collected about each user fascinating. As a user, it seems really creepy. We still use it though and many are addicted to it. Viewing Facebook is such a habit that many don’t realize how often they do it. The constantContinue reading “A Week Without Facebook”

5 Reasons to Love NESCAFE Dolce Gusto

OK, ok. My blog strategy never included product reviews. I did the review thing with my old blog and decided when I took this one live, it was time to hang up the product review page. Then NESCAFE Dolce Gusto came along. It was a regular day of tweeting when I tweeted about the kids heading back toContinue reading “5 Reasons to Love NESCAFE Dolce Gusto”

Book Review: Body of Work

Job longevity is becoming more rare these days. An employee staying at a job over 5 to 10 years is almost shocking. It’s not because people are fickle, but industries cycle and positions are cut. As employees, we often get locked into tunnel thinking. Our job title becomes our identity and we can forget that we do soContinue reading “Book Review: Body of Work”