Why You Should Attend a Special Kids’ Rodeo

The Special Kids’ Rodeo was new to me several years ago after we moved to a small town that had equestrian roots. That was very exciting for me because I grew up riding horses and always wanted to get back to it. I just love being around horses. I was searching for horseback riding lessonsContinue reading “Why You Should Attend a Special Kids’ Rodeo”

4 Strategies For Learning Beyond The Classroom

Parents know that kids are always primed for picking up new skills. Taking advantage of your child’s innate ability to explore and learn can help them hone their academic abilities. Whether your child is struggling or needs new ways to stay busy, these strategies can help. Use Technology to Expand Horizons Most children are familiarContinue reading “4 Strategies For Learning Beyond The Classroom”

A Look Back: Top Ten Reflection and Gratitude Blogs

It’s that time of year when everyone is rushing through the season. We survived Thanksgiving and now the crazed Christmas rush is well underway. It’s also the last month of the year and the last days of the decade. 2020 will be the start of new beginnings and the passing of old experiences. How willContinue reading “A Look Back: Top Ten Reflection and Gratitude Blogs”

Designed with Heart: Inclusive Playgrounds

We spent all day at a playground when I was a kid. We would run, climb, jump and chase one another at the playground close to my childhood home. I never gave the tanbark, metal equipment, or two-step entrance a second thought. Looking back, I can remember now the kids who never played with usContinue reading “Designed with Heart: Inclusive Playgrounds”

Why We Love Special Olympics

It wasn’t so long ago I found a Special Olympics Arizona notice in my daughter’s backpack. I was so grateful her school offered participation in the events. Special Olympics is a wonderful organization that supports children and adults with intellectual disabilities through sports. The organization also improves the health of others through collaborations with healthContinue reading “Why We Love Special Olympics”

Homemade Trampoline Therapy Activities

It took over five years to get our daughter’s conditions diagnosed. We moved to a new state in between all of the doctor appointments and it was a very long journey. Her first neurologist couldn’t figure out her diagnosis. He looked at me that last day I saw him and said, “She is a littleContinue reading “Homemade Trampoline Therapy Activities”

Kids, Bikes and Adaptive Play

For moms like me, watching that moment is inspiring and also bitter-sweet. It’s hard for me to imagine our girl taking off on her own two-wheeled bike. She has balance and coordination challenges along with other conditions and intellectual disability. She tries very hard to ride her bike and she really just wants to joinContinue reading “Kids, Bikes and Adaptive Play”

A Mom’s Journey into Inclusive Play, Advocacy and Partnership

Advocacy has many meanings. When I think of that word, I imagine protests in the streets to build awareness or a fight to right a wrong with a certain issue. It’s a way we rise up to support people who are underserved. It’s how we support a cause to achieve a common goal for theContinue reading “A Mom’s Journey into Inclusive Play, Advocacy and Partnership”

Planning a Petting Zoo Birthday Party for Special Needs Kids

Birthday party invitations are few and far between when you have child with disabilities. My daughter who is part of the SPED program at school has been invited to two birthday parties in the last 8 years. My son who is able-bodied and has a group of buddies he hangs with will get invited toContinue reading “Planning a Petting Zoo Birthday Party for Special Needs Kids”

Hippotherapy for Kids with Disabilities

I love horses. I do. I rode for years with a friend when I was growing up. She was a natural trainer when we were kids and has a successful training business today. When my husband and I relocated to Arizona, I remember telling him one of my goals was to get back in theContinue reading “Hippotherapy for Kids with Disabilities”