Sensory Processing Issues and The Morning Routine

Sequence, lace and bows make little girl clothes cute and adorable. For the little girls with sensory processing issues, cute and adorable becomes a nightmare. It’s scratchy. It burns. It irritates. Sensory processing issues was a new term we learned when our daughter’s conditions were finally diagnosed. Her conditions include a lengthy list with sensoryContinue reading “Sensory Processing Issues and The Morning Routine”

The Interviews: What It Feels Like to be a Special Needs Mom

Meet Kristi, author of Finding Ninee. Kristi writes about what it feels like to be a special needs mom. With a mix of humor and compassion, Kristi started with a memoir that turned into a blog that helps other special needs moms like me. Kristi shared with us how telling your story can help youContinue reading “The Interviews: What It Feels Like to be a Special Needs Mom”

What Intellectual Disability Means to Me

I couldn’t stop staring at two words on my computer screen: Intellectual Disability. After 5 years of doctor appointments, tests and more tests, we had several conditions finally diagnosed for our daughter. Our journey included two neurologists, two geneticists, pediatricians and development delay specialists that spanned two states. It’d been a long road to diagnosisContinue reading “What Intellectual Disability Means to Me”

Our Parenting Curve Ball – Part II

Our Parenting Curve Ball – Part I was about the waiting game before taking our girl for an MRI. I was actually a wreck. No matter how much you focus or keep positive thoughts, there’s a reality check that goes through your mind when you are faced with a test like an MRI. At leastContinue reading “Our Parenting Curve Ball – Part II”

Our Parenting Curve Ball – Part I

Sometimes life throws a curve ball and you have to figure out whether to swing or drop the bat to run away. We all  handle things differently, don’t we? Since my sister passed away almost 5 years ago, life curve balls are a bit harder for me to swing at. That was a pretty huge lifeContinue reading “Our Parenting Curve Ball – Part I”

When The Seizures Wouldn’t Stop Part II

Part I  of our story  left off with a couple of unanswered questions regarding my little boo’s high fever. Why the fever? Why had the fever and illness lasted so long? With medication controlling her seizures and fever reducers working, we were waiting  to hear back from three doctors. The CT Scan came back normal…Continue reading “When The Seizures Wouldn’t Stop Part II”

When The Seizures Wouldn’t Stop Part I

About a week ago, I was stressed over a cold my daughter was fighting. I never imagined how I’d take the sleep deprivation and crying over what turned out to be one of the scariest moments I’ve had since being a mom. Our baby girl who is just 15 months old was diagnosed with Febrile SeizuresContinue reading “When The Seizures Wouldn’t Stop Part I”

The Interviews: Working Moms With Special Needs Children

Please note… Christina is no longer blogging. Her interview was so supportive and helpful for moms with special needs children that it will remain published for others to see. Original interview from March 2011: This month’s interview is with an unbelievably hard working mom named, Christina. You can find her at We 5 Kings. TheContinue reading “The Interviews: Working Moms With Special Needs Children”