Setting Boundaries You’ll Keep

I’ve been reading a lot about moms feeling overworked and struggling between career and motherhood and have listened to moms talk about it over the past few weeks. It’s so easy for us to strike up a conversation about work, motherhood and everything else in between. It feels good to know we are not alone with our strugglesContinue reading “Setting Boundaries You’ll Keep”

Did You Take A Break This Week?

Being a working mom can feel overwhelming and stressful at times. Support is so important. I was able to break away for the evening Thursday night and enjoy dinner with a friend. I felt really lucky to do that after what had been a  pretty tough week. I missed my babies, but I made itContinue reading “Did You Take A Break This Week?”

What’s Your Self-Care Strategy?

Stress, sleep deprivation, fatigue, frustration and the feeling of overwhelm. Shall I go on? We’re working moms. We have responsibilities at home and the office.  We’ve become pretty accustomed to trying to manage the load and then maybe, just maybe we find time for ourselves. Self-care simply means to take care of you, even when youContinue reading “What’s Your Self-Care Strategy?”

5 Ways to Get Stress Relief

Are you stressed? We are under a lot of pressure these days. We are managing it all and refer to ourselves as “supermoms” in the making. That is a lot to live up to, at least for me it is. Did you know that scientists are constantly uncovering the physical effects pro-longed stress has on a woman? There’sContinue reading “5 Ways to Get Stress Relief”

The Great Balance Debate

Is it balancing? Is it juggling? Is it multi-tasking? Is it about focusing? Or is it just semantics? I wrote about each term over the last year.   “Work-life-balance” has an interesting history itself. Simply put, it means that a worker has enough time to complete his or her commitments at work and enough time to also have aContinue reading “The Great Balance Debate”

Get Your Holiday Stress In Check

We’re in the swing of the holiday season. Are you feeling the stress as a result of all of your to-do lists? “Get Your Holiday Stress in Check” for the week is brought to you by Nana Poppins! Nana is a grandmother of five and knows a thing or two about pulling it all togetherContinue reading “Get Your Holiday Stress In Check”