Lean In… You won’t fall over

Book Review: Lean In by Sheryl SandbergOn the heels of the Yahoo! work from home ban by Marissa Mayer, Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In was met with a hefty amount of backlash. In just under a month, gender roles and flexibility in the workplace came to the forefront. Debates flared and blogger keyboards burned up!

My first reaction to the book title was similar to most. The reality of leaning in more could certainly mean I’d fall over and hard. Who wants to lean in when you are already maxed out, right? Not the intended meaning of the title though. I started reading with both excitement and an open mind. Continue reading

Book Review: Escape From Cubicle Nation

Escape From Cubicle NationAre you in the land of cubes and ready to escape? 

Pamela Slim sure was. I read her 2010 book Escape from Cubicle Nation: From Corporate Prisoner to Thriving Entrepreneur a couple times.

The cover with the people looking over the cube walls is pretty funny and so are her references to the corporate satire Office Space, a great movie to see if you are a cube dweller.

Pamela’s book provides the aspiring entrepreneur with a healthy dose of reality as he or she dreams about taking that leap from the corporate to entrepreneurship. Continue reading

Top 5 Tips For Balancing Work And Home

Ways to Balance Work and LifeBalance was far from the way I would have described the craze last week. It was the first week of the quarter at work. We  had many deliverables that came to deadline at the same time. At home, it was even more busy, but I was able to squeeze in an overnight with my hubby and a much needed break!

People are still arguing whether or not to use the word balance because of the blurred lines between professional and personal time these days. However you describe it, below are 5 tips that may help it feel less like a grind and more like a flow. Continue reading

What’s Your Value In The Workplace?

With unemployment remaining at a sustained high and the state of the economy,  how is  an employee’s sense of value in the workplace? Research has shown the less value an employee feels  may  result in  reduced engagement at work  and lack of motivation.

When you look around your office, does anyone stand out? Could it be you?

Gauging an employee’s sense of value can be tricky because we all place value on different things, especially when we are employees. Some companies go to great lengths, even in this economy, to show employees they are valued as people, not just company assets. Continue reading

The Working Mom’s 80/20

In business, the “80/20 rule”  is a common way to describe the theory that a small percentage of your clients  comprise a large amount of your sales.  Simply put, 80% of your sales come from 20% of your clients.

From Wikipedia: “The principle was suggested by management thinker Joseph M. Juran. It was named after the Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto, who observed that 80% of income in Italy was received by 20% of the Italian population. The assumption is that most of the results in any situation are determined by a small number of causes.”

Whether or not you believe in this theory when it comes to business, we can apply the conecpt to other areas in our lives. Continue reading

Problem Solving Skills That Will Save Your Sanity

Are your problem solving skills used at work also helpful at home? I think we all use problem solving skills between work and home without even realizing it. We just take a different approach depending on the audience.

I wrote about dealing with a difficult manager a few weeks ago, which was really a problem solving post. I added a bit of kid flare to it for this week’s post. Really, much of the problem solving we practice at work can be applied at home. While every situation is different, these tips include ways to maneuver the difficult personalities at work and possibly at home. Continue reading

New Moms Heading Back To Work

10 Ways to Plan Your Return to Work and Reduce the Stress

You’ve been on maternity for three months and the dreaded return date is near. How you transition back into work can have so many variables and a huge impact on your outlook as a working mom. Sometimes the anticipation of the return can be much worse than the act of actually going back to work. Of course everyone is different.

A planned transition will lessen your stress and help ease you back into work more smoothly. Consider the suggestions below and practice the steps that will work for you and your family as you begin to plan your return. You will be glad you did it in the end. Continue reading

5 Essentials To Build Employee Trust

Glass Hammer Feature ArticleDepending on your organizational structure, the leadership hierarchy may be very flat or may have several tiers. Either way, how managers, directors and vice presidents interact with their employees has a direct impact on morale and productivity.

Trust plays a major role in the corporate culture. It’s built over time and is very fragile in the workplace. Over the last decade, studies have shown workplace trust diminishing.

If you are standing on the corporate ladder in a management position, you can lead your team to success by building and maintaining their trust by engaging in 5 essential behaviors. Continue reading

How To Avoid A Jerry McGuire Moment

The thought that business is strictly business and not personal is an interesting one. We are such emotional beings whether man or woman that to remain business only and all the time is a stretch at best. Some people handle the personal, what I will call the emotional side of the coin better than others.

Remember  the movie Jerry McGuire (from 1996)  and the moment  Jerry walks off the  job?  I suppose some people may view the Jerry McGuire moment  as  an opportunity to get on your office soapbox.

You have the attention of your co-workers (and management) and can tell them really what you think.  In addition, you offer a lucky person to feel as liberated by walking out with you, goldfish in hand. You can relive the Jerry McGuire moment on YouTube.

What will that get you? A moment of gratification, perhaps. Surely it will  buy you a ticket to the unemployment line which is a long one these days. Continue reading