5 Ways to Thrive as a Breadwinning Mom

5 Ways to Thrive as a Breadwinning MomDid you know that moms are the sole or primary breadwinner in four out of 10 households with children? According to the Pew Research Center, women make up almost half (47%) of the U.S. labor force today, and the employment rate of married mothers with children has increased from 37% in 1968 to 65% in 2011.

The role of women in the workplace and home is constantly changing and the old tradition of mom stays home is being challenged economically and socially every day. Continue reading

7 Tips for Relocating with Kids

Relocating with KidsHow many times have you moved? Since my hubs and I were married in 2000, we moved over ten times. Back and forth to Arizona plus several moves around the Bay Area. All without kids. We are in the middle of relocating to a new state. By the time this blog post is published,  we will be on the last leg of our move to Arizona. It’s been a long road.

We agonized over this move. Should we? Shouldn’t we? Will the kids be OK? Will it set them back going to a new school?  The list of questions went on and on. Taking the plunge to relocate is a commitment. It will kick-start a massive coordination effort in order to get you there. Add a six and three year old into the mix and massive turns into mammoth. Continue reading

5 Tips for the Traveling Mom

Do you remember Leave It To Beaver? Those  episodes of a boy who went off to school while his mom stayed home making dinner and after school snacks for her boys. Dad went to a 9 to 5 job and the issue presented during the 1/2 hour show is wrapped up with a pretty bow by the end.

When we step out of the 1950s, the nuclear family of today is far from Beaver Cleaver’s reality. In fact, we have many, many different family life structures these days. Continue reading

A Single Mom’s Journey

A couple weeks ago, I took the time to get my hair colored/cut and got a pedicure. A big event for me that week. I planned to relax and read while the color set in my hair or during the pedicure. I have gone to the same salon off and on for a while so I know the ladies are all working moms. They all know I am a working mom, but no one there knows about my blog.

While I was getting my pedicure, I was reading Working Mom– Survival  Guide by Working Mother magazine. The guide is a great resource.

The lady who was working on my pedicure and I laughed about squeezing in time to pee, going to work being exhausted and managing the schedule. The book sparked the conversation. Then she told me that her husband died when her kids were 7 and 10 years old. I was completely taken back because I had no idea. I put the book down and we kept talking. Continue reading

Your New Year In The Making – Part II

2012 is fast approaching! I already saw a Valentine’s card display at Target. Really? Already? I still have Christmas decorations up and now it’s Valentine’s day. It struck me how we miss what’s right in front of us when we are speeding off to the next thing.

When I left Part I of the Your New Year in the Making, I outlined the “3 P’s’ for setting up the goals you’d like to accomplish in 2012. I used this process for setting up my own goals for the year, but I also keep in mind that life is fluid and sometimes things shift into a new direction. Continue reading

Your New Year In The Making – Part I

“An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves.” ~Bill Vaughan

A new year is coming. A new year of hope and optimism. A new year that could change your life or it may be the year to make a change.

I wrote that year ago and still believe the same this year. A new year with new beginnings is exciting.

For thousands of years, people have made resolutions before the old year rings out and the new one rings in. It’s tradition to talk about your resolutions for the upcoming and the commitment to make a change to a habit or a lifestyle change that will improve your life over the course of the year. Unfortunately, the statistics for achievement are a bit dismal. Continue reading