New Moms Heading Back To Work

10 Ways to Plan Your Return to Work and Reduce the Stress

You’ve been on maternity for three months and the dreaded return date is near. How you transition back into work can have so many variables and a huge impact on your outlook as a working mom. Sometimes the anticipation of the return can be much worse than the act of actually going back to work. Of course everyone is different.

A planned transition will lessen your stress and help ease you back into work more smoothly. Consider the suggestions below and practice the steps that will work for you and your family as you begin to plan your return. You will be glad you did it in the end. Continue reading

New Daycare Research And Your Child’s Health

I came across a short article in the print version of Parenting magazine titled, “Guilt-Free Chilcare” and thought I’d share new research findings on daycare. According to this piece  from their June 2011 edition, new research revealed that daycare toddlers tend to suffer more respiratory and ear infections than toddlers who are not exposed to the daycare environment. That is not new to me or my hubby!

Our little guy started daycare at four months old and at the time, a large daycare facility was the option we chose. He was sick all the time”¦ colds, ear infections, lung/respiratory issues. I missed work just about once a month and up to one week at a time.

People would reassure me that all the illness was building his immune system and it would subside around three or four years old. I would smile and think that wasn’t really helping in that moment, but a silver lining was possibly on the horizon. Continue reading

How important is the routine for your kids?

Very important! I have to admit when I think of the word “routine” a couple of things come to mind though boring and well, routine.

Consistency is key though, especially when it comes to getting out the door in the morning or working through the bedtime drill. Without consistency and yes, a routine, the morning or night can turn from smooth sailing to some choppy seas. Here’s a few things I practice each and every morning. A consistent routine helps everyone, especially you. Continue reading

A Daycare Story

People have very specific opinions about daycare and rightfully so. It’s an odd feeling to hand off your precious little one to be cared for by someone you may be unfamiliar with yourself. For many working parents, daycare is the only viable option. That was the case for me and my hubby when we had our little guy.

When it came time to return to work, we chose a larger facility for infant care after very extensive research on options in our community. At the time, we felt the larger facility would be safer because of the oversight within this type of business. Our little guy’s infant care was stellar but we started to notice a lot of employee turnover. Lucky for us, our son’s caregivers remained in-tact for the first year and a half he was there. Then things changed.

I started to have a bad feeling about the care he was getting. High employee turnover and inexperienced director(s) made me and my hubby feel uneasy. I started looking into other pre-schools in the area since our little guy reached two years old and more options became available. Continue reading

The Choices We Make

When I got dressed this morning, I opted not to wear the hot pink pants with the polka dots to work. It was a choice. My choice. That is the beauty about the time we live in as moms. We have many choices.

We all lead and live very different lives with our families. I look at that as a good thing. Sometimes it can be overwhelming because one decision may have ramifications that will affect our little ones. Yet, each decision we make is based on our own situation.

I recently received negative feedback regarding my choice of being a working mom, authoring a working mom blog with a “positive” twist and communicating the value of having a good attitude.

Mainly, the issue was that my kids are in daycare 40 hours a week and the view of the anonymous comment was that somebody else is raising them. How can anyone be positive about that? Continue reading