Working Mom Meditation: 5 Easy Ways to Get Started

Meditation is a simple and easy way to reduce stress and anxiety. It creates calm, balance, and peace that promotes mental wellbeing, and improves overall health. Practicing meditation each day can also improve your focus, attention, and mindfulness. We’re so busy with the schedules and our kiddos that many working moms think meditation is notContinue reading “Working Mom Meditation: 5 Easy Ways to Get Started”

What It Really Means to Be Present

Have you ever slowed down long enough to be present at the moment? For some, it’s extremely difficult to be in the moment and not let the mind wander with a thousand thoughts. We’re running at warp speed these days and the constant bombardment of things coming at us makes for a jumpy mind thatContinue reading “What It Really Means to Be Present”

10 Ways Volunteering Helps You and Others

Have you ever volunteered your time to a non-profit organization or in your community? Volunteerism is truly a gift from the heart. It’s not about the praise or recognition. It’s about the support you willingly give to others. Volunteering can come in many forms. When you find the type of volunteer work and organization thatContinue reading “10 Ways Volunteering Helps You and Others”

The Power of Optimism and Pessimism

How can both optimism and pessimism have power? You’ll probably assume the power of optimism means it’s positive and good. While in contrast, the power of pessimism is negative and bad. That’s partly true. However, if we take a look at how both can impact our mental health, we’ll find that they can have meaningfulContinue reading “The Power of Optimism and Pessimism”

How to Increase Your Income as a Busy Mom

Guest Author: Virginia Cooper Being a stay-at-home mom is an incredible opportunity not to be taken for granted. However, sometimes you need a little extra money in the bank. Whether you’re busy at home or head to an office for work, you’re a mom who puts in a lot of hours. Maybe you’re having trouble makingContinue reading “How to Increase Your Income as a Busy Mom”

Book Review: Someday Is Not a Day in the Week

Someday Is Not a Day in the Week, written by Sam Horn, includes 10 hacks to make the rest of your life the best of your life. The book was a delightful surprise that I would have never expected. It was a random find really. I was shopping at the Dollar Tree with my daughterContinue reading “Book Review: Someday Is Not a Day in the Week”

Let’s Talk About Courage

Can you think of something courageous you did when you were a kid? I remember standing on a diving board at my neighbor’s pool and trying to stir up the courage to take that jump. My sisters were in the pool telling me to do it. My toes were curled over the board and asContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Courage”

20 Unique Ways to Manage Stress

Stress can creep up on us in many ways. Whether you get a headache or feeling of overwhelm, stress can make even a small task seem impossible and can impact your daily life. It’s a natural way of our body and minds reacting to something perceived as a threat or challenge. It can build upContinue reading “20 Unique Ways to Manage Stress”

Embracing Change as an Opportunity

As the year comes to a close, many of us will look ahead and focus on what we want to accomplish in the new year. We buy planners, set up new apps, and prepare for change. We get excited to accomplish everything we set the intention to achieve without giving a thought to the potentialContinue reading “Embracing Change as an Opportunity”

3 Steps to Create Holiday Calm

Gasp! How can I be talking about the holidays already? I noticed a few weeks back that the Halloween decorations were starting to grace the shelves of my favorite stores and the aisles were getting cleared to make room for Christmas items. Every year it feels like the holiday craze starts earlier and earlier. IContinue reading “3 Steps to Create Holiday Calm”