You Know You Are A Working Mom When…

  1. You wake up before the crack of dawn to squeeze in the workout, a cup of coffee, breakfast and rush to get ready before the kiddies wake up.
  2. You have just a few sets of work  clothes in the weekly rotation because trying to be cute or creative just will not happen in the morning.
  3. You are a bit relieved after daycare drop-off because you know you’ll get a  bit time to relax during the commute of all things and  before the work day starts rolling.
  4. You pass on the free cocktails and appetizers after work since you’d rather go home to juice and cracker snacks with your little one.

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Top Ten Summer Boredom Busting Activities For Kids

“Mom… I’m bored!”

Does that sound familiar? Even working moms hear those word uttered by their little ones. I just heard those words last weekend from our little guy.

I came across a great article with activities to help  curb the boredom woes we often hear from our kiddies, especially during summer. I included the list below and added my own commentary as well.

We do a lot of these on the weekend or in the evening after work. #5 is one of the faves that my little guy and hubby do almost every week is wash the truck. Here’s the Top Ten Summer Boredom Busting Activities for Kids: Continue reading

Top Ten Things About The Christmas Season

Whether it’s something I love or something I would love to leave behind, it is the complete package of time with my family, some great laughs and fond Christmas memories that are truly priceless to me. I was asked what my top 5 keepers for the holiday season and the top things I’d like to leave behind.

Top 5 favorites about the holiday season:

1. Absolutely adore how excited my little guy gets by the sight of holiday lights throughout the neighborhood.

2. Co-workers are usually in the holiday spirit and happier this time of year.

3. Decorating is so much fun and a great creative outlet. This year little guy joined in the good time. We only broke about 4 ornaments, better than last year!

4. The Santa visit is always hilarious. My bet is that my little boo is screaming in the picture this year. Her brother did that 2 years ago.

5. Wrapping gifts. I am not a fancy gift wrapper but there’s something very calming for me when it comes to wrapping gifts. It’s a lot of fun filling up the space under the Christmas tree with gifts for the kiddies.

Now for the things I would love to leave behind…

1. Stress and overwhelm. I am taking to heart my December series “Get Your Holiday Stress In Check” and practicing the tips provided by some fabulous moms this month. Nana Poppins provided some great ways to navigate the holiday stress. And we have two more wonderful mom features to go before the month is over!

2. Would it be possible to eat as much as I want and not gain an ounce of weight this season? Hmmm. Ok, I’ll admit I wish I could leave the holiday weight gain behind so I can indulge in all of the holiday goodies.

3. The money isn’t stretching very far this month. The budget is tight and I mean tight this year. I’ve cut the list as much as possible along with the dollar allotment for each gift on the list. It’s the thought that counts, right?

 4. The rush. Whether it’s the hustle of the gift buying or the bustle of the party attending, I am trying to slow it down to savor the moments. Before we know it, the New Year will be here and another holiday season will be gone. So enjoy!

5. Clean-up. Can I snap my fingers and all messes clean-up on their own? The gift wrap will find its way into the recycle bin and the dishes magically load themselves into the dishwasher. Just asking!


Fashion Over Function

… or function over fashion.

I wouldn’t say I am a big “fashionista” kind of mom but I have my share of cute clothes if I do say so myself. I don’t shop that often nor have all the designer duds though. I like to pick up a cute shirt, pair of shoes or jeans now and then. Shopping is just not a passion for me.

Recently, I found these cute, strappy sandals at a boutique store downtown. Of course being a mom who always looks for a bargain, they were sold the minute I saw the markdown from $75.00 to $18.99. Can’t pass up a bargain like that!

I wore the sandals the next day at work and my feet were killing me! Our receptionist commented on how cute they were. I promptly told her about my bargain find and agreed with the “cute” comment. When I mentioned how much they hurt she said, “Oh yes, fashion over function!” I laughed and hobbled away.

Last weekend, I went to a 3 year old’s birthday party and wore a similar style of sandal. Because I had my little guy and boo with me, I was on my feet almost the whole time. Half way through the party I wondered why I didn’t opt for my flip-flops.

I have a closet full of cute wedges, strappy heals and various “fashion” sandals that I loved to wear. With two little ones to chase after these days, my choice in shoes has evolved to say the least.

Following my latest puffy toes experience, I decided “Function Over Fashion” is the way for this mom on the go to get up and go! The other way just hurts.

Oh where oh where did my old body go…

…oh where oh where could it be?I had a beautiful, healthy 8lb baby girl. Yay! Now, will my body ever get back to the way it used to be? If you’re like me, you wanted your body back the day after you had your baby. Yes, it took nine months to create your little bundle of joy but to know it might take just as long or longer to get your body back is agony for any mom.

When I was just about 8 months pregnant, I remember a fellow mom explained to me how difficult it was to lose weight and get back in shape after her babies. She laughed as she explained in detail how she did it after each pregnancy. It was almost like, “Ha, ha, been there. Done that. Oh and good luck.” Not supportive to say the least. The last bit of salt in the wound was when she told me I might never get there…while laughing! Not cool.

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They Are Always Listening

A few times a week we go for a walk to a little creek by our house so my son can feed the fish. It’s also a nice way to decompress after a long day at work.

My hubby and I chat away while my son kicks back in his wagon with his cool shades. Our littlest one enjoys the breeze and is none the wiser regarding the conversation. During one of the walks last week, we discussed the weekend and the possibility of taking a drive up the coast as we do so often. The problem is we fit best in our big truck for the long drive but the big truck is a gas guzzler. I mentioned the cost of gas was too high and maybe we should opt for driving our car. We chatted, fed the fish and finished our walk.

The weekend arrived and we were loading up the car for a few days away. Our stuff didn’t fit and I could see my hubby’s frustration mounting. I suggested we move everything into the truck and just drive that.

My son piped up and said, “Mama, we can’t go in the truck, it costs too much gas.” We all laughed.

Needless to say, when it seems like the little ones are not listening… they are!

Now I am wondering, what else have I said!?