5 Ways to Thrive as a Breadwinning Mom

5 Ways to Thrive as a Breadwinning MomDid you know that moms are the sole or primary breadwinner in four out of 10 households with children? According to the Pew Research Center, women make up almost half (47%) of the U.S. labor force today, and the employment rate of married mothers with children has increased from 37% in 1968 to 65% in 2011.

The role of women in the workplace and home is constantly changing and the old tradition of mom stays home is being challenged economically and socially every day. Continue reading

Your Self-care Challenge

I have been really stressed, not to mention grumpy. It’s that ebb and flow thing I write about every now and then. It’s not about being  positive, perky and fabulous 24/7. That would be just annoying, wouldn’t it?

Taking care of the kiddos, work, home and all that falls in between has created overwhelm and exhaustion. A lot of life “stuff” all at once so my writing inspiration has felt, well, fuzzy… The  stress shifted into overdrive which really created  a lack of focus in any area really. Have you ever felt that way?

I came across a post  about a  self-care challenge  at The Young Mommy Life that I am beginning to think found me. It’s a way to take a look at your life and what you are grateful for presently. It’s pretty easy to get caught up in what feels off and wrong instead of focusing on what is positive and valued. Continue reading

Attitude of Gratitude Tips From Parenting Magazine

After watching my son rifle through the gifts during his birthday party, I thought he may need a little chat about gratitude. I completely understand that his excitement took over, but he was on to the next gift without even knowing who gave him the one he tossed aside. I was a embarrassed.

I was glad to see the Parenting magazine for December had an article on this very topic. With the holidays coming so quickly, they offered some sage advice for a pre-school “Attitude of Gratitude” for the holidays.

3 Tips to Foster an Attitude  of Gratitude Continue reading

What does Gratitude mean to you?

Gratitude is living  in a moment or reflecting on an experience with thankfulness and appreciation. Excitement, happiness and bliss are some ways I’d describe the feeling, too.

Sometimes gratitude gets left behind when we feel like we are overwhelmed in the daily grind. I know that at times I also lose the gratitude and actually have  an attitude, the kind that is not productive nor positive.

It’s up to me to recognize and acknowledge my own gratitude for things otherwise, with the not so great attitude, some really fabulous things and moments in life  may just pass me by. Continue reading

Book Review: Chicken Soup for the Working Mom’s Soul

Chicken Soup for Working Mom SoulI remember after graduating college and embarking on my corporate journey, I picked up the 1st edition of Chicken Soup For The Soul. I was going through some major life changes and entering the corporate world was one of them. Coming from the retail industry, corporate was a big shock to my  system. With over 100 short essays, I instantly felt inspired and empowered by the stories of so many different people. It’s amazing what people can do with a positive attitude.

I recently stumbled across Chicken Soup For The Working Mom’s Soul when I was researching books about being a working mom. I hadn’t picked up a Chicken Soup/Soul book in many years and was  taken back  by the many, many books that are now part of the series. No matter the issue or challenge you are facing, they have some chicken soup for it. You name it, they’ve got it! Continue reading