Learn How To Reduce Stress

We’ve all had stress come and go. For some, it’s there all the time. It’s been a struggle the last few weeks. Between the kids, blog and work, things have been in overdrive busy.I even had a migraine which is unusual for me. It was the first one I’ve had in years. Not fun. It was stressed.

We see women out there doing it all and making it look so easy. I’m willing to bet they have their hit the wall moments as well. Continue reading

Tips That Help When You Are Sleep Deprived

It’s National Sleep Awareness Week and I’m very aware that I’m not sleeping My little one had a cold and stayed up through the entire night Tuesday. She woke up multiple times during the night every night this week in fact. I went to work feeling like a zombie.

After talking with a few moms, I know I am not the only one functioning on a few hours of sleep a night. Moms with newborn babies often have it even worse. I find comfort in the fact that the sleepless nights as a result of a newborn or baby sleep habits eventually passes. In the meantime, what’s a mom to do? Continue reading

Book Review: SARK’s Glad No Matter What

Glad No Matter WhatWhen my sister passed away, things were very foggy. It lasted for a couple of years in fact. It was the grieving process that I didn’t expect or understand at the time. As that fog lifted, I realized that although I lost a very special person in my life sometimes a life changing event can still provide many gifts.

One gift was blogging. Because of the of the loss of my sister, I started my first blog Be Positive Mom®. That was the start of many twists, turns, ins and out in my life.

I came across a women who is known as SARK. She has a loyal  community filled  with  those she inspires, but new to me. Continue reading

Struggle With The Juggle

I think we all have that feeling that we are struggling no matter if you are a working mom or a career woman without children. We get used to a routine in our lives and then the foot hits the gas into the over drive of craziness which creates the struggle.

I feel like I’ve been racing around a lot lately. It’s an accelerated pace from what I have managed in the past. I’m working, growing a family, managing this site and now more. Continue reading

Your Self-care Challenge

I have been really stressed, not to mention grumpy. It’s that ebb and flow thing I write about every now and then. It’s not about being  positive, perky and fabulous 24/7. That would be just annoying, wouldn’t it?

Taking care of the kiddos, work, home and all that falls in between has created overwhelm and exhaustion. A lot of life “stuff” all at once so my writing inspiration has felt, well, fuzzy… The  stress shifted into overdrive which really created  a lack of focus in any area really. Have you ever felt that way?

I came across a post  about a  self-care challenge  at The Young Mommy Life that I am beginning to think found me. It’s a way to take a look at your life and what you are grateful for presently. It’s pretty easy to get caught up in what feels off and wrong instead of focusing on what is positive and valued. Continue reading

Are You Practicing Positive Push-ups?

5 Ways to Build your Positive Push UpsJust about a year ago, I shared with your my thoughts on practicing positive push-ups.

I recently heard someone compare being positive and embracing a positive energy/attitude to doing push-ups. To see results, you need to practice and keep practicing continually. The more you practice push-ups, in theory, the stronger you become and you’ll see an increase in your push-up ability as well. Easy enough for the positive stuff, right? Continue reading