Kids, Bikes and Adaptive Play

Riding a bike is like a right of passage for a young child. It’s the moment when the training wheels come off and they take off with that little wobble. I saw a father help his girl take that first ride in a field behind our house the other day. She was smiling and beaming with excitement. She fell once and then got back on long enough to ride away.

For moms like me, watching that moment is inspiring and also bitter sweet. It’s hard for me to imagine our girl taking off on her own two-wheeled bike.

She has balance and coordination challenges along with other conditions and intellectual disability. She tries very hard to ride her bike and she really just wants to join in play with others. Continue reading

Giving Thanks with New and Past Traditions

Every year we see post after post about giving thanks during November.  I love reading what people are grateful for and learning about the traditions they share with family & friends. Years back my family had a large party with a traditional Thanksgiving feast every year. Turkey, fixings, candy, dessert and so much fun.

When I was a kid, my sisters and I received a chocolate turkey wrapped in bright foil from See’s Candies. Funny thing is my mom works there now. So my son and daughter get a turkey every year. An old tradition that has continued. Continue reading

Guilt Free Thanksgiving

We are in the midst of the Thanksgiving season! Being a working mom means time is a bit scarce when it comes to the big holiday dinner. It’s just my hubby, the kiddies and their grandma for dinner this year. A small group.

So I am thankful for the pre-made dinner at the local grocery store. I will share a few reasons why a pre-made dinner is a great way to go for a busy mom.

  • A pre-made dinner means less stress for me and less stress for grandma (my mom) who inevitably cooks too much food.
  • A pre-made dinner means all we have to do is run out to the store Thanksgiving morning and pick up the good eats for the family. Heat and serve.
  • A pre-made dinner means we just need to add a dinner salad and maybe one extra veggie dish to make it complete.
  • A pre-made dinner to a five and two year old, merely means it’s dinner I saw mom and grandma cook while I played with my toys. The won’t know the difference.
  • A pre-made dinner is guilt-free because I don’t have the added pressure of cooking from scratch and it’s actually delicious.

Best of all, a pre-made dinner means I get to play with the kids, relax and enjoy the holiday!

I’m also thankful that this year we will have a family dinner together. I’ll opt for the nice dishes and use of the dining room for the day. I figure paper plates may be crossing the line.
What are your plans for the Thanksgiving holiday?



Top Ten Things About The Christmas Season

Whether it’s something I love or something I would love to leave behind, it is the complete package of time with my family, some great laughs and fond Christmas memories that are truly priceless to me. I was asked what my top 5 keepers for the holiday season and the top things I’d like to leave behind.

Top 5 favorites about the holiday season:

1. Absolutely adore how excited my little guy gets by the sight of holiday lights throughout the neighborhood.

2. Co-workers are usually in the holiday spirit and happier this time of year.

3. Decorating is so much fun and a great creative outlet. This year little guy joined in the good time. We only broke about 4 ornaments, better than last year!

4. The Santa visit is always hilarious. My bet is that my little boo is screaming in the picture this year. Her brother did that 2 years ago.

5. Wrapping gifts. I am not a fancy gift wrapper but there’s something very calming for me when it comes to wrapping gifts. It’s a lot of fun filling up the space under the Christmas tree with gifts for the kiddies.

Now for the things I would love to leave behind…

1. Stress and overwhelm. I am taking to heart my December series “Get Your Holiday Stress In Check” and practicing the tips provided by some fabulous moms this month. Nana Poppins provided some great ways to navigate the holiday stress. And we have two more wonderful mom features to go before the month is over!

2. Would it be possible to eat as much as I want and not gain an ounce of weight this season? Hmmm. Ok, I’ll admit I wish I could leave the holiday weight gain behind so I can indulge in all of the holiday goodies.

3. The money isn’t stretching very far this month. The budget is tight and I mean tight this year. I’ve cut the list as much as possible along with the dollar allotment for each gift on the list. It’s the thought that counts, right?

 4. The rush. Whether it’s the hustle of the gift buying or the bustle of the party attending, I am trying to slow it down to savor the moments. Before we know it, the New Year will be here and another holiday season will be gone. So enjoy!

5. Clean-up. Can I snap my fingers and all messes clean-up on their own? The gift wrap will find its way into the recycle bin and the dishes magically load themselves into the dishwasher. Just asking!


Get Your Holiday Stress In Check

We’re in the swing of the holiday season. Are you feeling the stress as a result of all of your to-do lists? “Get Your Holiday Stress in Check” for the week is brought to you by Nana Poppins!

Nana is a grandmother of five and knows a thing or two about pulling it all together for the holidays. She provided some great tips on how to juggle it all in a low-stress fashion and listed fabulous gift ideas made easy. Continue reading