The Interviews: Healthly Mom, Healthy Kids

Carrie is a single Mother of two, works full time, and attends  online classes. With her busy schedule she is passionate about making time for her kids and creating as many memories with them as she can. She has a natural love for helping people, and can be found blogging about her experiences at Tales from a Nursing Student. 

Thanks for joining us! Tell us about Tales from a Nursing Student.
My name is Carrie and I began Tales from a Nursing Student when I started school to get my Bachelors degree in nursing. I work full time and never thought it would be possible to go back to school until I saw the school had an online option. Although a big commitment, I’m always up for a challenge and figured why not blog about my experiences. Continue reading

The Interviews: From Awareness to Knowledge

Ovarian Cancer AwarenessHappy September 1st!  Where did summer go? We are just about at Labor Day weekend and that means it’s back to school, back to busy! All too often we tell ourselves we are too busy to get certain things done.

September is near and dear to my heart because it is National Ovarian Cancer Awareness month.   Following this month, October 4th to be exact, my family will be remembering my sister Stacy who died from Ovarian Cancer. Continue reading

The Interviews: A Single Mom’s Story

Coming to you from Jakarta, Indonesia, Maureen from graciously offered her insights about being a single working mom and provided us with some great tips for moms surviving divorce and co-parenting schedules. 

Interview with Maureen Hitipeuw from Scoops of JoyTell us about your blogging experience from Jakarta, Indonesia.
Blogging is pretty much the same I think everywhere just different countries bring different stories. So far I’ve blogged from America, China and Indonesia.

I’ve been back home since 2008 and at first I had what they called a reversed culture shock. Blogging helped me get through that phase for sure. Continue reading

The Interviews: Moms, Money and Business

Andrea from Mainstream Mom shares how she turned her struggle with the family finances into a thriving business. Andrea  was inspired to teach other moms about running the home and finances more efficiently. From that passion, Andrea started Mainstream Mom. 

AndreaTell us about how you got started with Mainstream Mom.
I gave up my career in 2007 to stay home with my kids. I wanted desperately to earn a paycheck from home to replace some of the lost income. I did a lot of hair brain things and spent a ton of money (and time) on this and that.

Finally, after about the ninth online course and when I was nearly on my last dollar I got super clear on the exact things that were important to me. I dug deep to learn what I wanted/needed to know to run my own home more efficiently. I decided I could help teach other moms what I was learning. That’s when I began building Continue reading

The Interviews: Shaking Up The Routine

Jen from Making Our Life Matter is a busy mom balancing a work schedule that includes her hubs, two boys and of course, a few family pets. Jen doesn’t sit still for long and appreciates the importance of spicing up the routine.

Making Our Life MatterWhat are some ways you shake up the weekly routine?
I change things up by taking a day  that I have planned things and just skip them.  I’ll just do the bare minimum, and then take the day to clean out some neglected spots, do major de-cluttering, etc. The hardest part of being able to shake up my routine is that my schedule is never the same each week.  I can work days, afternoons, and evenings. Continue reading

The Interviews: Working Moms With Special Needs Children

Please note… Christina is no longer blogging. Her interview was so supportive and helpful for moms with special needs children that it will remain published for others to see.

Original interview from March 2011:

This month’s interview is with an unbelievably hard working mom named, Christina. You can find her at We 5 Kings.

The saying “It Takes a Village” comes to mind with her approach to family time, housework and the daily schedule. In addition to managing the home and work, she cares for her son Joshua who has made wonderful strides in the healing process of his condition. With a positive outlook and a lot of organization, Christina is accomplishing it all with her family by her side. Enjoy the interview! Continue reading

The Interviews: Working Moms and Postpartum Depression

The “baby blues” is common among new moms and also with moms who have given subsequent births to their first. Bethany is joining us to share her experience with PPD. She is a mother of two and the author of Organic Baby Steps, a site dedicated to organic living made easy. Working moms and postpartum depression

Tell us about yourself Bethany.
I have two sweet children and a very young at heart husband. My son is 3 and my daughter is 14 months. Both of my kids are extremely laid back but my son is my mischievous, sneaky child. My daughter is my cuddly but spirited one. I never thought I would love being a mom as much as I do.   Continue reading

The Interviews: Working Mom Tips from A to Z

Interview with Kristin Whether you work in the home or head out to the office each day, you have many plates to juggle and big shoes to fill.

Kristin from Mango Calla Lily  is a full-time mum with a beautiful toddler girl.

She likes to make people laugh and support them with her Working Mom Tips from A to Z. 


Always believe in yourself – you can be a working mom!

Be on top of your work at all times, in case something comes up with your child and you need to be out of the office

Consider yourself, and what you can handle before taking on too much Continue reading

Get Your Holiday Stress In Check

We’re in the swing of the holiday season. Are you feeling the stress as a result of all of your to-do lists? “Get Your Holiday Stress in Check” for the week is brought to you by Nana Poppins!

Nana is a grandmother of five and knows a thing or two about pulling it all together for the holidays. She provided some great tips on how to juggle it all in a low-stress fashion and listed fabulous gift ideas made easy. Continue reading