How important is the routine for your kids?

Very important! I have to admit when I think of the word “routine” a couple of things come to mind though boring and well, routine.

Consistency is key though, especially when it comes to getting out the door in the morning or working through the bedtime drill. Without consistency and yes, a routine, the morning or night can turn from smooth sailing to some choppy seas. Here’s a few things I practice each and every morning. A consistent routine helps everyone, especially you. Continue reading

When The Seizures Wouldn’t Stop Part II

Part I  of our story  left off with a couple of unanswered questions regarding my little boo’s high fever.

Why the fever?

Why had the fever and illness lasted so long?

With medication controlling her seizures and fever reducers working, we were waiting  to hear back from three doctors. The CT Scan came back normal… thank God! Next hurdle was the EEG. We were anticipating one of  the doctors would tell us the news within the evening. Continue reading

When The Seizures Wouldn’t Stop Part I

About a week ago, I was stressed over a cold my daughter was fighting. I never imagined how I’d take the sleep deprivation and crying over what turned out to be one of the scariest moments I’ve had since being a mom.

Our baby girl who is just 15 months old was diagnosed with Febrile Seizures earlier in the month. I immersed myself in the literature about the condition and set my mind at ease as best as possible. Long story short, if she has a fever, we get her cooled down as fast as possible but be prepared for a seizure. Nothing could prepare us to what happened last Friday morning.

Her fever had not subsided as we hoped and last Thursday short seizures kept occurring. We visited our little boo’s regular doctor and she was prescribed a medication to stop the seizures or at least slow them down. We were scheduled for an EEG the next day. That test would show us the kind of seizures she was having and if she was epileptic. Continue reading

What would she tell me?

Dear Mama,

Thank you for the pieces of toast and cup of milk this morning. I like eating breakfast with you and my big brother before you go to work. I love it when we all play together and wrestle. It’s fun. It really makes me happy when you don’t use the thing that rings with the funny chime. It’s a cool shiny red color but it can take you away from our fun moments when you play with that. I think the other moms and dads call it a cell phone and texting or something like that.

I know you and daddy are busy at work. I love when we all get home at night and we make dinner together. We eat as a family and I like that. My big brother is getting better with sitting at the table. I’m glad he likes the broccoli you always cook for him. It’s good. Continue reading

It’s An “S” Day

It’s always a good feeling when your kiddies are happy with their daycare/school. Our little guy is in a pre-school that provides after school care. All in all it’s a daycare and he loves it. He runs off ready to play each morning. My hubby and I started to notice that even when it’s the weekend, he wants to go to school.

Am I a little saddened by the fact he prefers to be in school? Hmm. Ok a little but for the most part, it gives this working mom piece of mind that he is learning, playing and interacting with toddlers and pre-school kids in an environment that supports his positive growth.

Saturday rolled around and my little guy slept in a bit. When he came into our bedroom, he asked to go to school. He thought it was a school day.
I told him, “Today is not a school day buddy.” Continue reading

The Meltdown

The day started out pretty normal. It was a Sunday and my hubby made us breakfast. He likes to make sausage and eggs for all of us on the weekend. We love it, too. As we eased into the afternoon, nap time was the same as usual with no surprises. Later in the day, my hubby and son set-up our 5 person tent in the backyard. It was a pretty big task. Dogs were running around crazy and my little guy was running around just as hard. It was a fun day!

And then, evening came…

We noticed an increase of whining and talking back as the night progressed. He is a 3 year-old so that comes with the territory. It was a little more than usual.

Just as I thought we were going to ease into bedtime, the sock puppets reared their ugly heads. Yes, sock puppets. Socks on the hands become magical little entertainers for any toddler. The combination for our overly tired toddler and uncooperative sock puppets was a recipe for a meltdown disaster. He struggled to get them on his hands. When we tried to help, he snarled, “I can do it myself!” Even with his determination he was not mastering those uncooperative sock puppets. It was very traumatizing that his little puppet friends were not playing fairly.

Feel the situation starting to unravel? He went from 0 to 60 in a matter of minutes. There it was… full blown meltdown status! Crying, sobbing and snotting all around.


Being in uncharted toddler territory, it was time to pull the plug on this fiasco! It was like a bad hospital drama with the characters yelling, “Lights out stat!” You guessed it. Bedtime! Right when we were on the brink with this sock puppet nightmare, it happened. He flopped on the bed with his sad little sock puppet hands and cried a few more weeps before drifting away into dreamland. Ahhhh, he melted all the way down to sleep.

With some luck on our side, the meltdown worked itself out this time. We survived it but fate will bring us another I’m willing to bet. Until next time Mr. Meltdown. I know we will meet again….