What’s Your Self-Care Strategy?

Stress, sleep deprivation, fatigue, frustration and the feeling of overwhelm. Shall I go on?

We’re working moms. We have responsibilities at home and the office.  We’ve become pretty accustomed to trying to manage the load and then maybe, just maybe we find time for ourselves. Self-care simply means to take care of you, even when you are taking care of others.

What’s Your Self-Care Strategy? Do you have one? Continue reading

5 Ways to Get Stress Relief

Are you stressed? We are under a lot of pressure these days. We are managing it all and refer to ourselves as “supermoms” in the making. That is a lot to live up to, at least for me it is.

Did you know that scientists are constantly uncovering the physical effects pro-longed stress has on a woman? There’s no denying when we are stressed mentally that our bodies are also stressed. Headaches, neck tension and even an interruption in menstruation are some of the issues to note. The list also includes some cancers and heart disease. Continue reading

The Interviews: Shaking Up The Routine

Jen from Making Our Life Matter is a busy mom balancing a work schedule that includes her hubs, two boys and of course, a few family pets. Jen doesn’t sit still for long and appreciates the importance of spicing up the routine.

Making Our Life MatterWhat are some ways you shake up the weekly routine?
I change things up by taking a day  that I have planned things and just skip them.  I’ll just do the bare minimum, and then take the day to clean out some neglected spots, do major de-cluttering, etc. The hardest part of being able to shake up my routine is that my schedule is never the same each week.  I can work days, afternoons, and evenings. Continue reading