A Week Without Facebook

FacebookFacebook. Some people love it and others hate it. As a marketer, I find the amount of information collected about each user fascinating. As a user, it seems really creepy. We still use it though and many are addicted to it.

Viewing Facebook is such a habit that many don’t realize how often they do it. The constant scrolling of the newsfeed, stalking of friends and burying the face in the phone. We’ve all done it. We’re so used to Facebook being a part of our lives that it’s shocking when someone doesn’t have a profile. Continue reading

A Corporate Conference Day Ahead

Off to a conference today. It’s tough getting up at the crack of dawn only to leave my little ones for the day, but I feel lucky it’s not an overnight trip. My hubby is handling clothes, lunches and drop-off duties for the morning. I will be on the road early in order to make it to the conference venue.

Secretly, I am excited to go to this event because the topic of discussion is social media. The social media phenomenon is fascinating to me not only from a working mom perspective but also from my blogging mom reality. Continue reading

The Imperfect Blog

… and the imperfect blogger!

I started blogging just three months ago. I wanted to journal about my life as a working mom with two little ones, a hubby, animals and the roller coaster that comes along with it all. My thought was one day I’d compile everything into a book I would give to my kiddies. Obviously, it’s evolved!

I added pages, gadgets, widgets and html codes. I even have followers which is pretty cool. I am excited when each person joins. I have met wonderful people out there in the bloggity world! I even crack up when I use words such as: gadgets, widgets, html and bloggity. It’s crazy really.

I like to write about the juggling act of being a mom and the positive outlook I “try” to maintain. I take my time writing each post because I want people to read quality writings and not just a post for the sake of posting. Continue reading