Dealing With A Difficult Manager

With the growing angst over the economy, the trend of trying to “balance” it all has shifted to just holding onto your job. I’ve also shifted a bit in my thinking as well. I’m still finding my own balance, my peace in each in every day.

When you have a manager in the mix that is always right” in his or her mind, it can increase the stress and make your job seem even tougher.

With all this in mind, how do you tread in the murky waters of a know-it-all or abrasive manager without losing your job? Tread lightly, but without rolling over. Continue reading

5 Essentials To Build Employee Trust

Glass Hammer Feature ArticleDepending on your organizational structure, the leadership hierarchy may be very flat or may have several tiers. Either way, how managers, directors and vice presidents interact with their employees has a direct impact on morale and productivity.

Trust plays a major role in the corporate culture. It’s built over time and is very fragile in the workplace. Over the last decade, studies have shown workplace trust diminishing.

If you are standing on the corporate ladder in a management position, you can lead your team to success by building and maintaining their trust by engaging in 5 essential behaviors. Continue reading

Who Moved My Cheese?

Have you read the book Who Moved My Cheese? It was released back in 1998 and stayed on the New York Times Best-Seller List for just about 5 years.

If you haven’t read it, the book describes change in one’s life through the eyes of two mice and two people searching for cheese  within a maze environment. The maze, to me, represents life. The book  was actually met with much criticism by opponents who viewed it  as a way for a  corporation to satiate  its employees during times of  re-structure. Continue reading

How To Avoid A Jerry McGuire Moment

The thought that business is strictly business and not personal is an interesting one. We are such emotional beings whether man or woman that to remain business only and all the time is a stretch at best. Some people handle the personal, what I will call the emotional side of the coin better than others.

Remember  the movie Jerry McGuire (from 1996)  and the moment  Jerry walks off the  job?  I suppose some people may view the Jerry McGuire moment  as  an opportunity to get on your office soapbox.

You have the attention of your co-workers (and management) and can tell them really what you think.  In addition, you offer a lucky person to feel as liberated by walking out with you, goldfish in hand. You can relive the Jerry McGuire moment on YouTube.

What will that get you? A moment of gratification, perhaps. Surely it will  buy you a ticket to the unemployment line which is a long one these days. Continue reading

How to Deal with Corporate World Frustration

Corporate. It’s a word that means many things to many people. It’s a part of the American culture. If you’re a working mom in the corporate world, it’s a part of you, too.

I’m sure you, like me, may have your buttons pushed every now and then. Over the last two weeks, I’ve had the buttons pushed repeatedly for various reasons. Rather than practice my own techniques of positive self-talk, using my corporate armor or simply walking away from it, I engaged.

Yep, I voiced my frustration in meetings. I vented in cube land with a co-worker. I went out for drinks after hours to “discuss” work. In all these instances, it was the same thing. Complaining. Continue reading

Why Call It Failure Anyway?

So many Americans are unemployed. People are sending out resumes and interviewing with the hope they land the next stop in the career as soon as possible.

Being positive during an interview is an important element of the hiring process. Companies typically want and need upbeat, positive people who are willing to work hard.

Interviewing is a way to get to know the people at the company (and the company culture) as well as a process whereby the company representative has the opportunity to learn about you, their potential new, fabulous employee.  Continue reading

What’s Your Corporate Personality?

Corporate PersonalitiesI’ve been in the corporate world for many years and have worked at large-sized companies as well as small corporate environments. Over the years, I’ve been fascinated by the many personalities I experienced along the way. A company large or small is filled with a “cast of characters” and each character has his or her own set of business and career goals in mind. Pretty simple, isn’t it? Continue reading

Don’t Miss Tips For New Moms Returning To Work

You’ve been on maternity for 3 months and the dreaded return date is near. How you transition back into work can have so many variables and a huge impact on your outlook as a working mom. I’ve transitioned back to corporate after a 4 month maternity leave for both of my babies. A good friend shared with me that the sometimes the anticipation of the return can be much worse than the act of actually going back to work. Of course everyone is different.

What I learned with my first  maternity leave was to enjoy the time in the present and not worry about the day I had to go back. I kept that mindset with my second leave and was able to savor the moments so much more. When the date of return got closer I did the following things to ease my transition. I also included links to other posts I’ve written on the various topics noted. Continue reading

Family Talk: What’s appropriate at the office?

We spend so much time in the office that it’s easy to develop friendships with your co-workers. A solid relationship with a fellow employee makes collaborating on projects even more enjoyable. Gossip, chat and a good vent about work or home comes with the territory.

When you are talking about your family at work, how do you know if you are sharing too much or if the topic is inappropriate?

1) Know Your Audience Continue reading